Besides the iPhone 12, what else can we expect from Apple’s “Hi, Speed” event?

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If you haven’t heard already, then you must be living under a rock, but Apple is holding a mega-iPhone event tomorrow. At the event, Apple will release the iPhone 12 series, HomePod mini, and possibly the AirPods Studio and AirTags.

While a slew of new products is coming, we can also realistically say some updates on current devices, services, and software will be announced. Here’s what we’re expecting.

macOS Big Sur Launch Date

iOS/iPadOS 14 and watchOS 7 launched to the public on September 16th, a day after Apple’s “Time Flies” event. Despite having their first developer betas launched at the same time following WWDC, macOS Big Sur was not released. Last year Apple launched macOS Catalina on October 7th, 18 days after iOS and iPadOS 13.

At the time of writing, it’s been 26 days since iOS/iPadOS 14 launched, way beyond the 18-day buffer from last year. Also at the time of writing macOS Big Sur is on its 9th developer beta round, while iOS and iPadOS 14 are already on its first “dot” public update. Given its 2020, it’s hard to say pinpoint a date for macOS Big Sur’s launch.

Apple is expected to hold a Mac-focused event in November where it will unveil the first ARM-based Mac, likely a MacBook Pro. It’s unlikely Apple will hold off until November to launch the new macOS update, however. A launch of macOS Big Sur in the week following, or even possibly sometime this week if Apple really wants to annoy developers is a possibility. Either way, macOS Big Sur will either make some type of appearance on Tuesday or at least in the footnotes/hours after.

4th gen. iPad Air Availability

Apple announced its new 4th gen. iPad Air on September 15th and stated it would be available in October. Now nearly halfway into the month, the iPad still remains unavailable for purchase or pre-ordering. Apple leaker Jon Prosser says to expect a specific date for the iPad to be available at the “Hi, Speed” event.

Apple Fitness+ and Apple One+ Details

Apple announced its “Fitness+ service which offers personalized workouts via Apple devices at its “Time Flies” event. Apple says the new service which will cost $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year will be available in the US, US, Australia Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand at launch. Apple says that the launch will be coming later this year, but has not provided a specific date.

Also at its “Time Flies” event, Apple announced “Apple One,” it’s long-awaited for service bundle with different tiers offering customers access to different Apple services and iCloud storage options. You can learn more about the bundle here, which Apple says will be available this fall.

Given the amount of media this event will get, Apple could use the stage to talk and expand on details about two of its new service-based offerings.

It’s 2020, who knows what Apple could announce

This year has been a whirlwind of events. Tim Cook could literally go on stage and announce Apple is changing its name to Orange and it probably wouldn’t make the headlines for more than an hour. In all seriousness, there is really no saying for certain what Apple will announce, all we can do is wait for the clocks to hit 10 AM PT on Tuesday, October 13th to find out.

Apple Terminal will be covering the event live right here on, and on our Twitter @AppleTerminal.

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