Jon Prosser says AirPods Studio launch at “Hi, Speed” event is “impossible,” bets his eyebrows on it

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UPDATE- AirPower’s Return, Maybe.

Last night in a tweet summarizing what to expect from Apple’s “Hi, Speed” event later today, leaker Jon Prosser subtly mentioned to expect a new wireless charger. Prosser further clarified in a private message that the charger is not AirPower, but instead a”small” wireless charger.

AirPower, according to Prosser for the past few months is back in development after the product was publicly scrapped in 2019. What Jon is referring to as a “small” wireless charger remains unknown. Apple currently does not produce any of its own wireless chargers, additionally, it’s unlikely Apple will give air-time at the event to 3rd party accessories makers who currently do.

Either way, Jon says if Apple does release “AirPower,” he’ll shave his eyebrows.

Notorious Apple leaker Jon Prosser says he’ll shave his eyebrows if Apple ends up releasing the AirPods Studio tomorrow at its “Hi, Speed” event.

Jon who has been a first of its kind mix of credible and yet entertaining source for Apple news has double-downed on his claim that Apple has ditched plans to launch its over-the hear headphones and AirTag tracking devices tomorrow. Earlier today Apple for a few hours took down the official landing page for its Beats brand from its website, fueling widespread speculation that the moved confirmed Apple’s intent to launch the AirPods Studio on Tuesday.

Despite the move by Apple, Jon in a tweet says his sources are telling him that it remains flat-out “impossible” Apple will launch the product tomorrow. Jon who once again is a credible source of information and has accurately reported the launch dates for a number of products, including the “Hi, Speed” event itself is clearly not backing down.

Jon made a similar bet on shaving his eyebrows if Apple launched its iPhone 12 series at its September 15th “Time Flies” event. Obviously, the iPhones weren’t released and Jon was saved from the drama. Whether or not we get the AirPods Studio and AirTags, it’s for certain Apple will launch 4 new iPhone 12 models alongside an updated “HomePod mini”.

Apple Terminal will be live covering the event right here on, and on our Twitter @AppleTerminal.

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