{UPDATED} Telecom operator teases iPhone 12 in “Speed has Arrived” ad

maxis teasing the iphone 12 rect

Update- Video Goes Private

Even though the video did not reveal any unknown information about the iPhone 12, Maxis has made the video private. Below is the marketing material used by the operator to premiere the same video that they took down.


Malaysian telecom operator Maxis has teased the iPhone 12 in a pre-Apple Event ad called “Speed has Arrived,” following in line with Apple’s own “Hi, Speed” tagline for the event.

The ad doesn’t feature any iPhone itself, instead actors acting as if they’re holding the phone. The entirety of the ad seems to be comedic, and a take on Apple’s iconic ads featuring Jony Ive. Given the unserious nature of the ad, it’s hard to take anything for certain. For example, the ad says that the highest-end iPhone 12, likely called the “iPhone 12 Pro Max” will be called the “iPhone 12 More Max”.

The ad also depicts overly small, or ridiculously large sizes for the upcoming iPhones. The iPhone 12 mini is described as being 3 inches by 3 inches in size, with the “iPhone 12 More Max’ being 3 inches by 12 inches. In a tidbit that is likely hitting at the realistic arrival of LiDAR on the iPhone, the ad says that the camera features “state of the art depth-sensing technology”.

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