Apple announces HomePod mini with radical new design, faster processor, improved speakers for $99

homepod mini rect

Today Apple announced the HomePod mini, the first major update to the HomePod lineup since its introduction in 2018. Since then, customers have been resistant to buy the smart speaker due to its high price point, and arguably limited features when compared to others such as the Amazon Echo.

With the HomePod mini, Apple is directly targeting the lower-end of the smart speaker market,c currently dominated by Amazon. The new HomePod mini comes in a radically new design that’s more special, and smaller than its predecessor. In specific, it’s 3.3 inches high and can realistically fit in the palm of your hand.

A customer holding iPhone 12 close to HomePod mini.

As with the first-gen. the HomePod mini includes an LCD display at the top that displays Siri’s aroma when activated. At the heart of the HomePod mini is the S5 chip, the same system-in a chip from the Apple Watch Series 5.

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