Apple started production on iPhone 12 keynote in early September

apple recording event in early sepmteber rect

Apple which held its first digital event in June for WWDC set the bar for other tech companies to follow in terms of production quality for online events. WWDC gave us our first taste of what an Apple-online event would look like and it received praise from many in the tech community.

No one in the past has ever had to hold an online tech product or software launch event like Apple did in June, so Apple was quite literally the bar-setter. Due to COVID19, Apple also had to make its September 15th Apple Watch and iPad event digital-only, that event gave us some cinematic scenes and drone footage of Apple Park along with cool fly-bys and transitions.

Ahead of today’s iPhone 12 launch, expectations were high given its last performance to outperform itself in terms of production quality. While reviews are still coming in, slick transitions between product categories and more are impressing many.

Purely based on the keynote, it’s near unfeasible to tell when Apple recorded the event. However, a leak from earlier in September gives us a solid hint. Ever-increasingly credible and accurate leaker @l0vetodream posted on September 2nd that the “night scene of the Apple Park is very beautiful,” impossibly coincidental, today’s keynote opening scene was of Apple Park, at night.

@l0vetodream who proved after the keynote that his track record is unbeatable makes it hard to tell at which stage the opening keynote was recorded during the production of the overall keynote. Apple’s September 15th keynote didn’t include any night time scenes of Apple Park, further proving the claim that @l0vetodream was directly referencing today’s event.

Difficult to prove, it could be possible that Apple recorded the drone footage of Apple Park for both its September and October event on the same day. Given this is all happening in the midst of a global pandemic, Apple may have opted to record all on-site scenes on the same day to limit in-person exposure if the team were to have come to the campus multiple times.

At the event today Apple announced the iPhone 12 with an all-new design, faster performance with the A14 chip, new MagSafe charging capabilities, and more. Apple also announced the HomePod mini, a radically smaller and cheaper version of the HomePod. You can check out our full event coverage on our Twitter @AppleTerminal, or check out our iPhone 12 and HomePod mini roundups.

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