Apple to release macOS Big Sur this week, according to an IT support desk message

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We’re hours away from when Apple will announce the iPhone 12 and the HomePod mini. While new hardware is expected, updates on current products, services, and software will also likely make an appearance.

One of the updates we expect is about macOS Big Sur, Apple’s next macOS software remains in beta and unreleased to the public yet. Currently, on its 9th beta round, macOS Big Sur according to Apple is slated for launch in the fall, with October typically being the month macOS updates have initially shipped.

While a specific date may be given during or after the keynote, a Universities IT support desk may have spilled the beans. According to a message posted by the University of Bristol’s IT team, Apple is set to launch macOS Big Sur sometime this week. The universities post reads:

[Identified] Apple is expected to release a significant upgrade to macOS, Big Sur (macOS 11.0), this week.

As with any new major operating system release, we advise that caution be exercised when considering whether to upgrade.

Whilst all software available via Managed Software Centre has been confirmed functional on the latest pre-release version of Big Sur, we cannot guarantee that all specialist, 3rd party applications will continue to work on the day of release.

If you make use of any 3rd party software that you consider essential, we strongly advise against upgrading.

It’s possible that the IT team is simply speculating given there is an Apple Event this week. However, the post emphasizes users of University-managed macOS devices to follow updated instructions on how to update their Mac and advises against upgrading if they use essential software. It seems unlikely the team would do this unless they were given a heads-up notice to prepare their infrastructure for the new update.

Apple provided developers with a one day notice before releasing iOS/iPadOS 14 alongside watchOS 7 to the public. The company following a similar trend with macOS Big Sur seems overly realistically.

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