China blocks iPhone 12 launch livestream for no clear reason

iphone 12 luanch blocked in china rect

Earlier today Apple had a massive keynote where it revealed the iPhone 12 series, and the HomePod mini. Each new product adds new features to their respective lineup, and at lower and varying price points.

The keynote which was pre-recorded from Apple Park was broadcasted on Apple’s website and Apple’s official YouTube page for international viewers. For Chinese viewers, Apple was offering a live stream via Chinese streaming platforms such as Tencent, Weibo, and others. However, Bloomberg reports that Chinese streaming platforms cut off today’s livestream with no clear explanation.

Following the livestream getting cut, Apple’s stock took a significant nosedive given that Chinese users, who serve as a massive customer base for Apple were unable to watch the event. Due to tight cyber restrictions in China, Chinese customers will remain unable to watch the event unless streaming services decide to put them back up.

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