Spotify rolls out iOS 14 widget support in latest App Store update

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UDPATE- Widgets Goes Live

After being limited to TestFlight users, Spotify has officially rolled out iOS 14 widget support in its latest App Store update. The publicly launched options include 2 sizes, a small and medium-sized widget that both give you access to your recently played content from the app. Due to WidgetKit limitations, Spotify like all developers are unable to add any interactive element such as playback control to their widget.

Originally Published on October 11th

25 days after public launch, Spotify is now testing iOS 14 widgets within the latest version of its TestFlight beta. On its latest beta, Spotify is working on two separate widgets, a small and medium-size each showing providing you an option to quickly play music.

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Spotify even prior to the launch of iOS 14 said that widgets are under consideration, however never publicly confirmed they’re being tested, or commented on a launch date.

While apps have implemented new iOS 14 features, including widgets, dozens of others have not. Many small indie developers have implemented support for WidgetKit, but larger companies such as Facebook which owns WhatsApp and Instagram have not. Generally speaking, the larger the app developer, the slower they takes to implement new features.

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