As final release inches closer, Apple seeds macOS Big Sur beta 10 to developers

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Users Reporting Safari and YouTube Issue- Fix

Following macOS Big Sur beta 10, and even on some earlier betas users have reported seeing an error when attempting to play a video on YouTube within Safari. The issue would prompt a message in the video player stating “An error occurred. Please try again later” followed by a playback ID.

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Thankfully, users on Reddit were able to find a solution. Until Apple fixes it themselves given it seems to be an issue with the beta rather than YouTube itself, this is the only fix.

Firstly enable developer mode within Safari by heading into your Safari preferences, the Advanced tab, and enabling “Show Develop menu in menu bar” at the bottom. After doing so you’ll notice a new tab in your Safari menu bar called “Develop,” press on it and head into “Experimental Feature”, scroll down until you see “VP9 SW decoder on battery” and “VP9 decoder,” and you’ll want to make sure that both are disabled.

After disabling either one or both (you may already have either one enabled/disabled), restart Safari and YouTube should be functioning as normal. Whether this fix works or not, be sure to submit Feedback to Apple using the macOS Feedback app in order to make sure it gets fixed in an upcoming update.

Originally Published on October 14th

While iOS/iPadOS 14 alongside watchOS 7 and tvOS 14 run on millions of devices around the world, macOS Big Sur remains in beta. While no launch date has been confirmed by Apple, a public launch sometime this month is expected.

Inching closer to that unspecified date, today Apple released the 10th beta update for the new macOS operating system. Despite being close to launch, macOS Big Sur beta 10 brings some new changes, most notable brand new wallpapers. As spotted by @MaricoGuzman, the new beta includes at least 9 new wallpapers and new icons for dynamic wallpapers

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