MagSafe chargers supports older iPhones and AirPods

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MagSafe has made a return to the Apple product line with the introduction of the iPhone 12. MagSafe on the iPhone 12 allows customers to charge, and attach accessories to the back of their device using the same technology popularized with older Mac devices.

On October 16th Apple will begin to sell its own MagSafe accessories which include a limited number of cases and wallet options. One of the accessories being sold by Apple will be the MagSafe charger. Similar to the charger on the Apple Watch, the MagSafe charger allows users to set their iPhone on top of the charger and magnetically charge their device.

While possibly misleading to some given that only the iPhone 12 includes MagSafe technology, the MagSafe charger itself is actually compatible with all Apple devices that support wireless chargers. The MagSafe charger works with all iPhones above the iPhone 8, which first introduced wireless charging and the AirPods Pro alongside the 2nd gen. AirPods. For older devices, the MagSafe charger will function as any off the shelf wireless charging pad.


What makes the MagSafe experience on the iPhone 12 special is how the charger and the phone will automatically align and connect thanks to the magnets. On older devices that don’t feature the MagSafe magnets, customers will have to place their device on the charger as they would any other wireless charging pad.

The overall experience of placing supported iPhones on wireless charging pads is however tedious, and sometimes the slightest of movements may result in it not working. Additional drawbacks of using MagSafe with older iPhones is the lack of fast charging support. Using the MagSafe charger on the iPhone 12 Apple says will result in 2x faster wireless charging as compared to typical Qi wireless charging pads.

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