New iPhone 11 packaging without the headphone and charger revealed in video

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iPhone 12 Pro Unboxing

Shared by Twitter account @duanrui1205, we have our first look at the iPhone 12 Pro unboxing experience, sort of. The video is short and only showcases the phone and not what else is in inside the box. Thankfully, this year there isn’t much.

An Apple lightning to USB-C cable, regulatory information, and one Apple sticker Is all customers will get this year with any new iPhone. You can watch the video below.

iPhone XR and 2nd gen. iPhone SE Packaging Surfaces

Shared by Macotakara, new images of the iPhone XR and 2nd gen. iPhone SE packaging has surfaced showing a much smaller design. The new boxes like all of the iPhones from now on do not include headphones or a charger, but only a lightning cable.

Originally Published on October 14th

With the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple will no longer ship the headphone and charger in the box for all of its iPhones. That includes the iPhone 11 which is currently in circulation unlike the iPhone 12 which begins shipping its first model shipments on October 23rd.

Apple has revealed images of the new iPhone 12 boxes, but as for the iPhone 11, we were previously in the dark on the specific look. Logical, the box will look the same as the iPhone 12 with only the difference being the front image, side text, and information on the back. But, for confirmation, thanks to Twitter user @duarani1205, we now know what the new packaging looks like.

Not surprisingly, the new box is significantly thinner and only houses the iPhone itself, the cable, and paperwork such as regulatory information and stickers. But, Apple’s decision to remove the headphone and charger hasn’t come easy.

Many customers are furious that for a phone that could cost upwards of $1,000, it doesn’t come with a headphone or charger. Apple says it removed them due to the environment, highlighting the fact that by doing so it will cut 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions each year. The move is also in part to prepare customers for the ultimate launch of AirPower by limiting as much as possible the circulation of wall adapters and forces users to a wireless-based audio experience with AirPods.

You can learn more about the new iPhone 12 lineup here.

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