Apple would be better off under a Joe Biden Presidency, says analyst

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CNBC analyst Jim Cramer says Apple “needs” Joe Biden to win the 2020 US presidential election in less than a month. According to Cramer who did an over-the-air interview with The Street, Apple would be more successful with the sales of its newly launched iPhone 12 in the event that Joe Biden wins the Presidency. As The Street transcribes from Cramer’s interview:

The new phone was issued yesterday. It’s a great phone. It’s a 5G. But – it needs China to buy. It’s a great tribute to [Apple Chief Executive] Tim Cook that he’s been able to appease everyone, both sides. He has been deft in his ability to explain why everyone could be a winner. 

Biden knows this. And he has no animus against Apple. And while he doesn’t want to be as soft on China as previous Democrats, Apple stands to sell more iPhones under Biden than under Trump. And that’s really what it’s about. 

Cramer’s underlining point is that the President Trump’s administration trade-war with China has hurt Apple sales in China. But, numbers do show that iPhone sales have been up in China and Asia in general with the newly launched iPhone 12 already selling out in pre-orders.

Tim Cook has held a very close and interesting relationship with President Trump. The CEO has not been shy to voice concerns when the White House or the administration acts against the interest of Apple, or Apple’s values. However, Mr. Cook has also been welcoming to President Trump, inviting him and providing him a personal tour of Apple’s Mac Pro factory in Austin, Texas last year.

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