iOS and iPadOS 14 adoption nears 43% one month after launch; unofficial data

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1 Month Adoption Update:

One month ago on September 16th, Apple released iOS and iPadOS 14, and according to Mixpanel, adoption for the new software is reaching 43%. According to the unofficial data, iOS/iPadOS 14 adoptions is reaching 43% while iOS 13% remains in the lead at 49%.

Compared to the adoption rate of iOS 13 last year, iOS 14 is however lagging behind. Apple does disclose the number of devices running its latest software each year, however has yet done so for iOS 14. Last year the company released official numbers less than a month after iOS and iPadOS 13 was released and it showed the software running on 50% of iOS and iPadOS devices.

iOS 13’s headlining feature was dark mode, compared to iOS 14 which brings major changes to the front-end user experience with widgets. The data from Mixpanel may slightly be off given that iOS 14 spurred a massive social media trend of users customizing their homescreens which likely fueled people’s desire to update to the newest software.

Originally Published on October 5th

Apple released iOS and iPadOS 14 to much surprise one day after its September 15th “Time Flies” event. The quick turnaround was a shock to many developers, given the announcement was made without the golden master of the software having been released prior.

Apple does disclose the number of users running its latest software, however has yet done so for iOS and iPadOS 14. 2nd hand unofficial data comes from Mixpanel, which curates mobile traffic to calculate active users on specific software. According to Mixpanel, iOS, and iPadOS 14 adoption sits at 40.05%.

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There is always a rush to download Apple’s latest software. However this year thanks to widgets, there was a new push given social media trends of users decorating and decking-out their homescreens. Currently, according to Mixpanel, iOS and iPadOS 14 could surpass iOS/iPadOS 13 in the coming weeks, however, reports of degraded battery life and sluggish performance may be the reason some users are staying on last years release.

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