iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro reservations cross 2.3 million in China

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Apple’s brand new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are selling like hotcakes in China where reservations for the new handsets which went live for pre-orders on Friday crossed 2.3 million, South China Morning Post reports.

According to the report, as of 10 AM local time on Friday more than 1.5 million customers had placed reservations for the new handsets on Apple’s official Chinese store on JD.com. The standard iPhone 12 had 737,000 reservations, with the iPhone 12 Pro getting 390,000. Another retail site, suning.com says it received 814,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 12, 2 hours later at 12:30 PM.

While the numbers are significant, some customers are noting the lack of headphones and chargers in the box. As South China Morning Post reports one user saying:

“Just looked at the specifications of the iPhone 12 and immediately lost any purchasing desire,” one Weibo user wrote this week. Meanwhile many noted the absence of a charger in the new package. “I’m fine with not having earphones … but removing the charger is just too much … It’s like asking me to eat without chopsticks,” another user wrote.

Other users are noting Apple’s slow approach to adopting 5G, a feature that has become a standard in the Chinese market. Another customer says they are sticking with the iPhone because of iOS, saying that while Huawei and Xiaomi, two of Apple’s biggest competitors in China are improving, Apple will always remain one step ahead.

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