Apple lowers trade-in value of older iPhones and Macs following iPhone 12 launch

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Mac Trade-In Values Reduced

As rumors that Apple will hold another keynote event in November to unveil it’s first Apple Silicon Mac begin to heat up, the company has quietly reduced the trade-in prices of certain older Macs.

Alongside updates to trade-in values of older iPhones, Apple has cut the value of 6 out of the 7 Macs it offers for trade-in. Starting with the Mac mini, its trade-in value is now $980 (was $1100), the Mac Pro is down $90 to $1490, standard iMac is down $20 to $1390, the iMac Pro is now at $3580 (was $3850), MacBook is down $10 to $450, and finally the MacBook Air now trades-in at $670, down $20.

The only model unchanged from the lineup is the MacBook Pro which has an estimated trade-in value of $1760. Apple’s currently rumored to launch an updated MacBook Pro which will house an Apple Silicon, and according to Jon Prosser that event will take place on November 16th.

Originally Published on October 14th

Following the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple has dropped the trade-in value of certain older iPhone models. Apple’s trade-in program is part of its overall strategy to give customers more incentives to purchase new products by giving them the credit they can use towards a new purchase.

The exact credit and value your current device gets towards a new purchase depend on its model, and condition. As a result of the new iPhone launch, Apple has subtly updated its trade-in page to lower the value of certain models. It is worth noting that the cheapest iPhone 12 model, the 12 mini costs $699 vs. last year’s base model retailing for $599. The updated prices across the lineup do play a part in the reduced trade-in values.

Previously a good condition iPhone XS Max would give you up to $450 credit towards the purchase of a new iPhone. Now, the iPhone XS Max gives you $370. Prior to the iPhone 11, the XS Max was Apple’s highest end-iPhone, so, comparing purely the highest-end models for their respective times, Apple has dropped its value by $50. Here are the cuts Apple has made for its iPhone trade-in program:

  • iPhone XR by $20
  • iPhone X by $30
  • iPhone 8 Plus by $10
  • iPhone 8 by $30
  • iPhone 7 by $10
  • iPhone 6s Plus by $20
  • iPhone 6s by $10
  • iPhone 6 by $5

The only unchanged device would be the iPhone 6 Plus which remains valued at $50. Additionally, Apple now allows customers to trade-in the 2nd generation iPhone SE with its estimated trade-in value starting at $210. For all the changes, the exact value of your iPhone will differ on its condition, carrier settings (unlocked or locked), and other factors.

You can run through Apple’s helpful guide which will give you an exact value of your iPhone for trade-in here. If you are looking to trade-in your iPhone for one of the new iPhone 12 models, you can start to preorder the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Pro starting October 16th, with shipments happening on October 23rd. You can learn more about the new iPhone 12 lineup here.

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