Apple releases iOS and iPadOS 14.1

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Today Apple released iOS and iPadOS 14.1, the 2nd update for the iOS/iPadOS 14 operating system since it launched.

This year’s update includes a major overhaul to certain visual elements of the iOS experience such as widgets and App Library. Since launch apps have been getting updated to support the new features, and it seems that at the same time the software has taken a toll. Countless users report issues with the new software from systemwide lag and stutter, to excessive battery drain.

In some cases the lag and stutter is the software preventing an unexpected shutdown on the device if the battery health is too low, in other cases, it’s the software acting up. With the iOS and iPadOs 14.0.1 update today Apple should have patched the majority of issues.

Currently in beta testing is iOS 14.2 which includes a redesign to the Now Playing section in Control Center and on the lockscreen. it also includes deeper systemwide integration for Shazam, now allowing you to Shzaam a song playing on the device itself.

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