iPhone 12 colors possibly differ from official Apple images

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The first unboxings and images of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are being released and there appear to be some differences in the device colors from what Apple showed us. The iPhone 12 Pro models Gold, Pacific Blue, Graphite, and Silver colors appear to be as most expected. Several of the iPhone 12 colors are looking different to potential consumers, especially the Blue and PRODUCT(RED) colors.

The first concerns appeared Monday when Ben Geskin and DuanRui shared an iPhone 12 unboxing and pictures of the phone that showed a color of Blue that differed massively from Apple’s renders at the keynote. This started to upset some people who had preordered the phone, but others still liked this color. But, at that time we didn’t know if this was a real iPhone 12.

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iPhone 12 from Apple.com

Today, reviewers began officially releasing iPhone 12 unboxings and first impressions and we saw different looks at the Blue color. Some videos showed a lighter color more similar to the renders and others a darker color like the leaked unboxing. All of these different pictures and videos have been filmed in different settings and tuned in different ways. So, unless you’ve had the phone in hand it’s truly very difficult to know what the color really looks like.

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The PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 12 also got its own controversy—if you can even call it that. This was in some way sparked by MKBHDs iPhone 12 video. The PRODUCT(RED) iPhone is arguably not very Red. Apple’s renders do appear to show the real color of this iPhone 12, but it still bothered some people that it was pretty different than the normal PRODUCT(RED) color.

This definitely serves to remind us that Apple loves to play with colors and that lighting can really affect how products. look. And, no matter what phone you get, it will always look better in Apple’s perfect renders.

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