Apple ranked World’s Most Valuable Brand of 2020

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UPDATE- Apple Crowned “World’s Most Valuable Brand of 2020” by Interbrand

Originally Published on June 21st

Today Forbes released its “Worlds Most Valuable Brands” list of 2020, and to no surprise, Apple is #1.

In 2nd place came Google, then Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook, meaning the top 5 were all technology giants. While the 5 arents new to the brand, there have been some changes in the past few years. Facebook’s brand value declined 21% during 2018 and 2019, while others such as Netflix went from 38th to 26th place.

The list also includes some new brands such as Nintendo, Burger King, and AZA. While IBM, GE, and HP saw a brand decline of 10%, 14%, and 12% respectively. But, the fact that the top 5 words most valuable brand are tech giants days ahead of a major hearing by their respective CEO in front of US subcommittee is not a good look.

The company’s respective CEOs will try to defend their brands from accusations of antitrust, meaning showing little influence or dominance in a specific market. Proving that to be true while each is in the top 5 will be a challenge, the bigger challenge however maybe lawmakers having to try and find a way to get some truth.

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