Apple wants users to use green energy to charge their devices, says executive

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In a new interview with designer and activist Liz Obgu, Apple’s Lisa Jackson talks about Apple’s bold promise to be completely carbon neutral by 2030. Apple made that promise earlier this year, and Lisa clarifies in the interview that Apple is somewhat already carbon neutral currently, but wants to be fully neutral by 2030.

Today Apple is carbon neutral for all of our operations, and we’re running 100% on renewable energy for our cooperate campuses, our stores, and our datacenters. We know how to do this work, but the challenge for 2030 is to convert our supply chain and that work has already begun. We already have 70 suppliers and 8 gig-watts coming online in our supply chain and then the last piece will be to convert the energy our customers use to charge their devices to clean energy.

Lisa Jackson

In specific, Lisa says Apple hopes to start at the basic level in terms of what materials go into their products. So, instead of mining for material, Apple is able to recycle older materials, and then to focus on other aspects such as the transportation of material and reprocessing certain rare earth metals. You can watch the full 5-minute interview below:

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