MagSafe charger teardown reveals the expected

magsafe charger teardown first rect

As the world waits for the arrival of the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro on Friday, October 23rd, the guys and gals at iFixit have decided to teardown Apple’s new MagSafe charger. The iPhone 12 brings back MagSafe, opening the door for a wide range of accessories. One of them is Apple’s own MagSafe charger that serves as a magnetic charger for the iPhone 12, and as a normal QI charger on older devices.

A teardown from iFixit now reveals the specifics of the charger. The teardown shows a typical way of opening most Apple devices, by heating and loosening the adhesive before prying it open. What exactly opens however is the inner white circle, as the charger does have a metal border that does not get removed. Once inside, to no surprise, there are charging coils. That’s about it for now.

iFixit says they’ll have a proper review and analysis of the teardown in the coming hours, and this page will be updated when it becomes available.

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