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Due to popular demand, the team has decided to share our setups. Not everyone is “ready” to show theirs yet, so this page will be updated when more members perfect their setups.

Co-owner Sami

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My setup consists of three main parts, my iMac, MacBook Pro, and my extended monitor. Until July my iMac which is the 2015, 5K, 27-inch mid-config option was my main workhorse. It’s large and gorgeous screen is awesome for writing, watching videos, and working in team calls.

Then however I switched to my 13-inch MacBook Pro, the biggest reason I switched; the trackpad. Using a mouse with a Mac is great, but there’s something about a touch trackpad experience that’s truly magical. The newest addition to my setup is my 21-inch LG monitor connected to my MacBook and it’s great for keeping tabs on TweetDeck, writing and reading reports, and has decent speakers for pumping out some music.

My peripherals are slightly confusing. The mouse and keyboard that came with my iMac, the Magic Mouse, and Magic Keyboard 2 I use with my MacBook Pro. The dual option of having a mouse and trackpad for it offers great versatility and quick access wherever I am to get to what I need. For my iMac, I use a Logitech G602 gaming mouse, and a Logitech wireless keyboard.

It may seem weird to have two Macs on my desk, but there is logic behind the extreme sense of “Apple fanboy”. My MacBook is where I do the bulk of my work, my iMac is used mainly for researching long reports, and communicating with the team. There is an iPad Pro as well. It isn’t officially apart of my setup, but I do use it often for casually scrolling through Twitter or watching some Apple TV+ episodes.

You may have noticed a clock under my iMac, and no it isn’t my local time, it’s actually Curpetino time. Keeping tab at the time over at Apple Park is a small advantage I didn’t know I needed. Chilling under my iMac is also a JBL 3 wireless speaker that I mainly use for Apple Events. And finally, under my extended monitor is a 4K Apple TV, that funny enough, I don’t use on a 4K monitor.

Nothing too fancy, but gets the job done. Have any questions about my setup or workflow? Message me over on Twitter @SamiFathi_, or by email.

Another tour will be up here shortly!

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