Tim Cook talks new iPhone 12, 5G, DREAMers, wildfires, and more in full ranging interview

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In a very laid back and friendly conversation, Apple CEO Tim Cook FaceTimed with Colmobina singer Sebastian Yatra for a full ranging interview. During the interview which spanned the course of 25 minutes, Mr. Cook talks about the new iPhone 12, DREAMers, California wildfires, and more.

Talking about the new iPhones and the HomePod mini, Mr. Cook says that the new iPhones are designed with every detail in mind, with of course 5G and sophisticated camera systems. As People transcribes:

The most important thing about our products is that they represent the sum of many details. And it is that we put all our focus on every small detail, of every product, of every service. It is the sum of all this that allows us to bring our products to life.

With the latest iPhone, of course, we have 5G. This is what is being talked about a lot. But we also have a completely new camera system, and this camera system is simply incredible. It’s democratizing photography in such an important way — whether you’re a casual user, a professional photographer, or if you’d like to experience Dolby Vision in your latest film. All these things are on the iPhone.

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Mr. Cook also talks about DREAMers and the more than 400 that work at Apple. Mr. Cook who has been vocal about his support for DREAMers says it’s his intention to defend them and give them a voice.

It is very important to us as a company. It is very important to us as individuals. We have more than 400 DREAMers who work for Apple today. And yes. We hire them because they are valuable people. Because they help us innovate. Because they help us to be better as a company. My intention is to defend them, give them a voice and use our platforms to fight for them. Look, in the United States, throughout my life, or well even since long before I was born, from the roots of our country, immigration has been crucial.

Halfway into the interview, Sebastian and Mr. Cook switched roles, and Mr. Cook asked the Colombina pop-singer about his new singles released last week and wished him a late birthday. Staying on the subject of music, Mr. Cook talks about Apple’s deep love with Apple and its rotted belonging within the companies DNA.

At Apple, we carry music in our DNA. It is a fundamental piece of our company from the beginning; in fact, Apple started selling to creatives. That was our whole market. The musicians formed a large part of this [market]. In 2001 of course it was growing with the launch of the iPod, then iTunes music store and now Apple Music. Everything continues to grow more and more. But our roots remain and [are] deeply rooted in our history. Steve loved music. I love music. I can’t imagine a day without music. It motivates me. It inspires me. It heals me. Music is such an essential part of our lives. I can’t imagine exercising without listening to music.

In addition to the interview, People Magazine Espanol is featuring Mr. Cook and Sebastian Yatra on the front cover of its digital issue. Mr. Cook also makes a quick appearance in the video version of the digital covering, holding up an iPhone 12 playing one of Sebastian’s new songs before the scene switches to the Colombina singer himself.

You can watch and read the interview here.

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