{UPDATED} Apple possibly references unreleased 16-inch MacBook Pro in the latest Boot Camp update

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Last week Bloomberg released a report outlining what to expect from Apple’s “One more thing…” Apple event, that report indicated that Apple would update its whole MacBook lineup, including the 16-inch MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon.

Since the original publication of the report, it’s been updated to state that at least two of the smaller MacBooks, the 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are ahead in production, and are the two most likely to be announced.

The smaller models are further ahead in production and at least those two laptops will be shown at next week’s event. Beyond the processor switch, the devices won’t have significant design changes.

Updated snippet from the report

The report shines doubt that the updated 16-inch MacBook Pro will be revealed, despite the previous reporting. It is possible that if production is lagging behind, Apple could still announce the updated MacBook, and simply postpone the laptop going on sale.

Originally Published on October 24th

With updates to the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch already complete, Apple’s now shifting focus to the Mac. Bloomberg and Jon Prosser are both reporting Apple will hold a Mac-focused event in November, with Prosser specifically pinning the tail on Nov. 17th.

Whenever Apple does decide to hold the event, with Nov. 17th being a safe bet given Prosser’s accurate track record on event dates, it will headline the first Apple Silicon Mac. Apple announced a major 2 year-long transition to ARM Macs at WWDC in June, promising to have its first ARM-based Mac released by the end of the year.

While Apple confirmed their intent to release a new Mac by the end of 2020 running on an Apple Silicon, it didn’t specify which Mac in the lineup would be the first. Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo reported in July that a 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with an Apple Silicon would enter production in Q4 of 2020. Another separate report in August from China Times however suggested that a new 12-inch MacBook would be first to sport the in-house chip.

Apple updated its 13-inch MacBook Pro with the new Magic keyboard, better performance, and double the storage in May of this year, the other MacBook Pro, the 16-inch was released in November of last year. According to Kuo however, the smaller MacBook Pro will get Apple Silicon, not the larger 16-inch despite it being older.

While Apple’s next major Mac release will be Apple Silicon, it still plans to update its Intel lineup for “years to come.” Possibly confirming that an Intel refresh is imminent, Apple this week released a minor update to Boot Camp, version 6.1.13 that references a 2019 and 2020 16-inch MacBook Pro in its release notes.

The update states that it doubles down on stability issues under heavy CPU load for the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro, and 2020 16-inch MacBook Pro and 13-inch MacBook Pro. All are true, expect, for Apple’s reference of a 2020 16-inch MacBook Pro, which it has not officially released. The 16-inch MacBook Pro was released in Nov. of 2019, but a new option for the AMD 5600M GPU was added in June of this year.

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At this point, it comes down to whether Apple considers the 16-inch MacBook Pro with the AMD 5600M GPU option as a “2020” model, or still “2019”. Confirming the latter, Apple’s technical specification sheet for the Mac references it as 2019, even with the AMD 5600M GPU.

On the other hand, on its website AMD references the 16-inch MacBook Pro with its 5600M GPU as the “2020” model. It’s also worth noting that the sub notes for the 16-inch MacBook Pro’s page state that testing with the AMD 5600M was conducted in May of 2020, prior to its June debut.

Other than that, Apple makes no reference anywhere else to a “2020” 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Unless Apple failed to update its technical specification and “Identify your Mac” page to reference the AMD 5600M GPU equipped 16-inch MacBook Pro as a “2020” model, then it has seemingly confirmed its plan to update this specific Mac this year.

Leaker Komiya in August of this year stated that Apple plans to update the 16-inch MacBook Pro with an improved camera, CPU/GPU, and the possible addition of a T3 security chip. Furthermore, the leaker stated that it can be expected in Nov/Dec.

Unlike on Intel Macs which have the ability to run Windows via Boot Camp, Apple confirmed in June that Boot Camp won’t be supported on ARM Macs. Hence, if the release notes for the Boot Camp update are referencing an unreleased model, it would be running an Intel chip, not an Apple Silicon.

There is always the chance that Apple’s reference of a 2020 16-inch MacBook Pro points to an ADM 5600M GPU configuration, but either way, updates to an Intel Mac and the first Apple Silicon Mac will soon arrive.

Noah Evans contributed to this report.

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