Apple adds public transit to several new Italian cities on Apple Maps

apple expands pulbic transit for italy rect

As part of its growing effort to expand Apple Map’s reach, Apple has expanded public transit support to several new Italian cities. Apple’s website states that only Rome is available for transit information, however, it’s now expanded it to Naples, Florence, Milano, Genova, Turin, and several others.

In the major cities, Apple display information such as metro, tram, and bus lines. Apple now also displays information at train stations for different train lines with links to their respective websites, what is still lacking however is real-time transit information. Unlike in a handful of other cities, Apple Maps does not provide real-time information on arriving/departing buses, trains, or trams for Italian customers.

Last week Auto Evolution reported that Apple has begun working to brings it updated Apple Maps satellite imagery to Italy, alongside Look Around. As per that report:

And next in the queue appears to be Italy, which is now being surveyed by Apple Maps staff to receive up-to-date data for several high-profile locations.

According to the official Apple Maps site, the Cupertino-based tech giant has already sent mapping teams to several locations in Italy, with the expansion to cover even more regions beginning with November. The whole project is supposed to come to an end in January, after which it’s all only a matter of time until the collected data is processed and added to Apple Maps for all users.

Some of the locations that are included in Apple’s expansion include Sicily, Sardinia, Lombardy, Lazio, and Tuscany.

The latest country to add the new Apple Maps imagery, improved directions, and road coverage was the UK and Ireland which were updated earlier this month.

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