iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro users increasingly reporting issues on random signal drops

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Days into customers using the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, new reports of cellular connections dropping are starting to emerge. The new iPhones are the first iPhones to include 5G, and Apple introduced Verizon as a major carrier partner during its keynote. But, it seems that the headlining show of affection and partnership may not actually be resulting in anything substantial.

Multiple users on Reddit and the MacRumors Forums are reporting issues with their Verizon connection on the new iPhones unexpectedly dropping, as one Reddit user explains:

I received my 12 Pro today, and within 5 minutes of leaving the house I experienced my first drop in cell service. First zero signal bars, then after 20 seconds or so switches to No Service. After about a minute of sitting idle in that state with no data, it eventually picks back up on LTE. I figured it could be a one off, but sure enough while down in a well developed city with excellent reception, it drops again and does the same thing.

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That same user goes on to note that they tried changing their 5G setting on their iPhone from 5G Auto, which automatically switches between LTE and 5G depending on what’s best for battery, and simply 5G On and LTE only, but they all resulted in the same issue. Apple and Verizon were both contacted by the customer and said they have no known issues.

More users in the comments report similar issues, one says the signal drops and then comes back after toggling on and off Airplane Mode with 5G. Potentially referencing an iPhone hardware or software fault, one AT&T customer also says they’re experiencing the same thing.

Just wanted to chime in here. This has happened to me as well. Last night once, then quite a few times today. It’s always happened while I’ve been moving/in the car. And it seems to be correlated when LTE signal gets low. It’s almost as if it’s about to drop to 3G or 1x and it just can’t and goes to straight up no signal.

I haven’t tried resetting network settings yet… I’m thinking about trying to contact Verizon today to see if they have any insight.

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On the MacRumors Forum there is also no shortage of users reporting the same issue. According to one forum user Verizon informed them that it was an issue on Apple’s end, and Apple Support confirmed it saying that their engineering team is looking into it. Another user states that a Senior advisor at Apple Support pointed the finger at Verizon, implying the carrier needed to update its software.

While there is no official fix, one user suggests that disabling “Data Roaming,” but leaving “5G On” enabled would help in resolving any issues. This is likely a software issue either with iOS, or the carrier’s software on the iPhones. Either way, the issue could be addressed in the iOS 14.2 update.

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