iPhone 12 display units see flat edges chip and paint begin to peel away

iphoen1 2 flat edges begin to chip and peel away rect

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro has been in the hands of customers, for now, a few days, and initial reactions are great. Much of the excitement is thanks to the new flat-edged design. The flat-edges design takes inspiration from the iPhone 5 days and seems to be resonating well with customers.

There have been some reports, including our own handling of the devices that are showing mixed feelings about how durable this new design is, including Apple’s new “Ceramic Sheild” technology. While true use of the device will show its true durability, display units of the new iPhones could possibly give customers an idea of what to expect down the line.

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As reported by Gizchina, a blogger in China shared images of an iPhone 12 model on display in an Apple Store that clearly shows the sides paint job beginning to chip away. The reasoning is due to the frequent touching and handlings of a device on display, however, it raises concerns for typical customers.

iPhone models on display are typically picked up, used to take pictures, and feel. Unlike real-world cases where the phone could get tossed up in a bag, on the table, and elsewhere. Apple hasn’t commented or said anything specific about this, but it worth noting that customers put a case on their new flagship just for safekeeping.

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