Apple to buy AI startup Vilynx for $50 million to improve AI in apps, services, and software

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In an effort to improve Siri and stock OS apps, Apple will buy AI startup Vilynx for roughly $50 million, Bloomberg is reporting. Per the report:

Apple Inc. acquired a startup specializing in advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision technology that may help the iPhone maker improve its own AI across a number of apps and services.

The Cupertino, California-based technology giant acquired Barcelona-based Vilynx Inc. earlier this year, according to people familiar with the deal. Vilynx developed technology that uses AI to analyze a video’s visual, audio and text content to understand what the video shows. It used that technology to create tags for the video, making it searchable.

It’ll be a while until we see the implications of this purchase play into Apple’s products and services, but the report does shine a light on its potential application. Bloomberg cites the possibility that Apple could use the startup’s technology to improve search in Siri such as Spotlight, or within the Photos app. Additionally, Apple could try and use it as a tool to recommend shows for Apple TV+ and within News.

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