Jon Stewart to host new multi-season show on Apple TV+

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Jon Stewart is making a return! Apple has signed on with the former host of the “Daily Show” for a multi-season show that will feature one-hour-long episodes, The Hollywood Reporter reports. Per the report:

As part of an expansive, multi-year deal with Apple, the Emmy-drenched former writer, producer and host of The Daily Show is set to front an all new current affairs series for the streaming service. The show, which will run for multiple seasons, puts Stewart back in the anchor’s chair as he explores a host of topics at the center of both the national conversation and his own advocacy work.

In addition to being the host itself, Stewart will also be the executive producer via Busboy Productions which has a production deal with Apple. Regardless of how its looked at, the deal for Apple is a major lead in an ongoing tough market in the streaming business, with Netflix and Disney+ hot on Apple’s tail.

Stewart is mostly popular due to his time hosting the “Daily Show” for over 16 years. During those 16 years he received 56 Emmy nominations and won 20. Above all, however, Stewart is known for his comedic and unserious nature, often taking politically and socially controversial topics and aiming them to the general public in a respectful manner.

Details about Stewart’s new show on Apple TV+ remain unknown, including its name, and launch date. If this show is anything like other shows, however, production may be on standstill due to COVID-19, but it seems the tides are changing.

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