MacBook Pro models go out of stock, shipping dates begin to slip ahead of rumored Nov. Apple Event

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Ahead of an Apple event set to take place in November where the company will headline its first Apple SIlicon based Mac, and amidst rumors and speculation that a refresh of its MacBook Pro is imminent, models of the current 13 and 16-inch MacBook Pro are going out of stock on Apple’s online website.

As Macerkopf reports:

After a previously unpublished 16-inch MacBook Pro 2020 appeared recently, we took a look at the Apple Online Store to see the current delivery times of the devices. The delivery time for the 13 inch models is currently between November 12th and 20th and between November 20th and 27th. With the 16 inch MacBook Pro, Apple also speaks of a period between November 12 and 20.

The MacBook Air looks a bit better (November 5th to 12th). The situation is similarly tense with the iMac. Two of three 21.5-inch iMac models will be available at the end of November and one model will be available at the beginning of November. Two models of the 27-inch iMac can be delivered immediately and one model at the end of November.

This week Apple Terminal reported that Apple referenced an unreleased MacBook Pro model in a recent update to Boot Camp for Windows. That comes as the rumor mulls begins to heat up about a November event solely focused on the Mac and the first ARM-based computer. According to analysts Ming-Chi Kuo, the first Apple Silicon Mac will be a 13.3-inch MacBook.

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