Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung to open new joint-store in South Korea

tfactory retail store in south korea rect

Apple and Microsft have joined hands with South Korea’s largest telecom operator, SK Telecom Co. to open a new flagship joint store called “T-Factory”, The Korea Herald reports.

According to the report, SK Telecom will partner with Apple, Microsoft, and Korean-based Samsung Electronics to showcase all of their products and services in one location. But, unlike Microsoft and Samsung which will showcase some products together such as their new gaming service, Apple will have its own designated location in the store.

SK Telecom said it partnered with the US tech giants and Samsung Electronics Co. to showcase their latest products and services, including the carrier’s cloud gaming service, launched in September with Microsoft. It added that the store will have a separate zone for Apple products.

The flagship store will also feature an unmanned zone in line with social distancing efforts amid the pandemic, where users can purchase or sell phones through digital kiosks, and receive pay plan recommendations via artificial intelligence.

The company said the store will target millennials and the younger Generation Z by offering services popular among young customers, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content.

The new store will open in the western part of Seoul, in the Hongik University neighborhood on October 31st.

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