{UPDATED} Alleged hands-on video of the iPhone 12 mini goes live, despite media embargo

iphone 12 mini allegde handson rect

UPDATE: 2:25 PM PDT Time:

A little more than an hour after the video went live, it’s now been taken down, likely at the behest of Apple. You can watch it here:

A Romanian YouTuber claims to have obtained an iPhone 12 mini, despite a currently in place media embargo set to be lifted on November 10th. Apple provides select YouTubers and outlets with devices ahead of time to prepare their reviews, only to be published at a certain time and date. Until that date, they’re prohibited to share any details, or pictures of the device.

The YouTuber which goes by the name of George Buhnici has nearly 1 million subscrbers on YouTube. It’s unknown if Buhnici is on Apple’s list of indivuals who gets devices ahead of time, in which case he would be in complete violation of his NDA. Or, if he obtained the device thorugh a coorepsodent, who would in some way also be breaking their NDA.

The YouTuber live-streamed his hands-on experience with the new iPhone 12 mini, however in Romanian while answering questions. The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max officially goes live for pre-orders on November 6th.

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