TikTok adds iOS 14 App Clip in latest TestFlight beta

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In its latest TestFlight update, TikTok has added support for iOS 14’s new “App Clips” feature. App Clips allows developers to load a miniature web-version of their app that users can use to get a quick idea about what the app is about, without downloading it.

TikTok’s App Clip under the current beta pulls up a full-screen preview of the app that shows trending videos, with a prompt to download TikTok itself to explore more. The App Clip has only appeared in the latest beta of the app, and a date for an official rollout to the public remains unknown.

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App Clips hasave slowly been adopted with certain apps, particularly in retail, transportation, and travel. TikTok’s decision to include App Clips in its app, at least currently in beta is interesting given it’s unclear how the company hopes the feature will be of any use in the real world.

If you’re interested in joining the TikTok TestFlight, open TikTok, press on your profile, the three dots in the upper right-hand corner, scroll to the bottom, and press “Join TikTok Testers”. Note that in order to use the App Clip with the beta your device will need to delete the TikTok app itself.

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