Annoying iOS 14 beta pop-up is under review by the beta team, says Apple

apple ios beta opopup under rewview rect

For the last nearly 24 hours, all iOS beta testers have been plagued with a non-stop, never-ending pop-up telling them to update to the latest iOS 14 beta, one issue though; there is no new beta update.

The behavior has gained wide-spread attention online, and there’s currently no fix, besides waiting for Apple to patch it or downgrading to iOS 14.1. Apple says however that its beta team is aware of the issue, and that its “currently under review”. A form of a fix may come in the looks of a new beta update, or a server-side change.

Earlier today Apple officially launched its service bundle, Apple One and hopes were that the launch of the new service would also include the public launch of iOS 14.2, however as of 12PM PT on Friday, October 30th, no update has shipped.

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