Apple One users to get pro-rated refund for one-year duplicate subscriptions

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Apple launched its service bundle on Friday called Apple One. The new bundle is offered in 3 separate tier, with the first tier offering Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of cloud storage starting at $14.95.

The initial reception to the new bundle has been positive. However, a question many have asked is what happens if they’re already subscribed to a service that’s included in an Apple One bundle. As iPhone in Canada reports, Apple will give customers a pro-rata refund for duplicate services:

One of the biggest questions about Apple One bundles is how customers would be affected if they paid annually for services such as Apple Music and Apple Arcade.

Now, we can confirm Apple will indeed provide a pro-rated refund on services you’ve already subscribed to for one year.

iPhone in Canada reader Anthony was told by Apple support he would receive a pro-rated refund on his annual Apple Arcade purchase. We were able to confirm the pro-rated refund ourselves with Apple.

Apple Terminal was told the same when we reached out to Apple. In easier terms, Apple will give you a refund for the remainder of the subscription you have left for a one-year subscription to Apple Music, Apple TV+, or Apple Arcade. You can learn more about Apple One here.

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