Apple braces retail locations for Election Day protest and violence

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Election Day Update

Apple is joining in on other retailers who are not taking any chances ahead of what will be one of the most divisive, and uncivil elections in American history. Inspired by riots, protests, and looters over the summer Apple and countless others are boarding and fencing up their retail locations in anticipation of unrest, regardless of who is declared a winner.

Apple’s flagship store in Washington, the Apple Carnegie Library has been fenced up with a temporary wall, preventing violent aggressors from potentially breaking into the store. An Apple Store in Manhattan has also been walled in. Apple’s Walnut Street retail location has also been completely covered. But, as 9to5mac’s Michael Steeber notes, some of the protections are still in place due to repair to damages caused by summer protests.

While hard to determine whether all US Apple Stores are being fenced up, it’s likely the majority are. Stores and popular commercial areas are being advised by local authorities to prepare for the worst across the country, and many high-end stores are taking every measure they can.

Apple also recently launched brand new iPhones, and as we saw over the summer these violent aggressors will ruthlessly loot and steal from Apple’s retail locations, but whatever they do manage to steal will quickly become useless since they are locked remotely.

Originally Published on Oct. 21st

As the 2020 election is now less than two weeks away, retailers and the public are bracing for what may turn into a turbulent and violent night depending on the election results. For what has been a divisive and heated election, retailers including Apple are beefing up secuirty around their retail locations in prepreation for protests and violence. As Reuters reports:

Many retailers including Gucci, H&M, Under Armour UAA.N and Apple AAPL.O declined to comment on their election security plans. More than two dozen security consultants, insurers, contractors and store employees told Reuters that companies are installing reinforced glass, hiring security guards or retaining on-call teams that barricade and board up buildings.

In specific, the company “Starr Industries” which provided Apple with barricades for its all-glass Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York in June due to rioters and protesters is now “on standby” to provide them again if needed.

Over the summer as Black Lives Matter protests blanketed many cities in the US, Apple was the victim of mass rioting and damage to several Apple Store locations. On top of that, Apple Stores have only begun to reopen more recently as COVID19 cases have been on some-what of a decline, fear of Election Day protests is now the newest challenge for Apple.

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