The iPhone 5C is now a “vintage” device

iphone 5c now vintage rect

Apple has once again put the hammer down and added another device to the vintage list. Apple added the beloved iPhone 5c, the first vibrant colored iPhones.

The iPhone 5c first debuted in 2013 and was produced to be the lower-priced alternative to the iPhone 5s that was the flagship device for that year. The iPhone 5c boast a vibrant colored polycarbonate back and larger battery than the previous iPhone 5 of which is shared most of its components. The iPhone 5c was replaced with the original iPhone SE in 2016.

Labeling the device as “vintage” officially limits supports programs available for this device that is 7 years old. Apple’s support document that is continuously updated shows that the iPhone 5c was official labeled as “vintage” on Nov. 2.

Apple’s “vintage” designation applies to device that have not been sold for 5 years and less than 7 years ago. These products continue to receive hardware service from both Apple Service Providers and Apple Retail Store as long as there is inventory, as required by law.

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