Rumoured A14X Bionic chip benchmarks surface online with massive performance gains

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CPU and GPU benchmarks for the rumored A14X Bionic have surfaced online days ahead of the announcement of the first Apple Silicon Mac, first reported by iPhone in Canada.

Benchmarks show Apple’s upcoming 5nm silicon chip achieving highs of 35% performance gains in multi-core tests over the A12Z Bionic- an already powerful chip. We also notice an increase in both base and turbo clocks, the base from 1.59 GHz to 1.80GHz, and the turbo from 2.49 GHz to 3.10 GHz. RAM has also increased, from 6GB to 8GB whilst still sticking to the 8-core structure as seen before.

This leak shows again a big step up by Apple in their utilization of their custom silicon development and personally, excites me for their “One More Thing” event on Tuesday, which may see Apple transition various models of their Mac lineup, from Intel to their own silicon. Of course, some may critique the frequencies of the cores as compared to current Desktop equivalents offered by AMD and Intel, but we cannot be oblivious to Apple’s hardware and software optimization as seen within its iOS and iPadOS lineup. Which, on paper, offer lower performance, but in the real world, blitz past the competition.

As seen below, both base and turbo clocks have seen substantial increases:

As also mentioned by iPhone in Canada, the A14X Bionic achieves a ridiculous score of 7220, beating the top end i9 Intel-based 16inch MacBook Pro as shown below:

Screenshot 2020 11 05 at 20.04.05
CPU Monkey

Single core performance is also up by an impressive 32%, achieving a score of 1634 in Geekbench, beating out its predecessor by some margin:

Screenshot 2020 11 05 at 20.35.56
CPU Monkey

As for GPU performance, we see an equally impressive increase of 26% compared to the A12Z in the iGPU – F32 Performance test:

Screenshot 2020 11 05 at 20.36.05

These are really impressive figures from Apple, and if true, it could see Apple Silicon in Macs be much more game-changing than what we already predicted it to be. As with everything, only time will tell, and hopefully, on November 10th at “One More Thing”, Apple will showcase its desktop silicon variants.

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