Business Roundtable CEOs congratulate President-elect Joe Biden on historic win

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The Business Roundtable, a non-profit organization which includes CEOs of major companies including Apple CEO Tim Cook has issued a statement congratulating President-elect Joe Biden on winning the 2020 Presidential Election. The statement reads:

“Business Roundtable congratulates President-elect Biden on his election as 46th President of the United States. We also congratulate Vice President-elect Harris on her historic accomplishment as the first woman, Black woman and person of South Asian descent to be elected Vice President of the United States. We extend our congratulations to the re-elected and newly-elected members of Congress, governors and other state and local officials. We look forward to working with the incoming Biden Administration and all federal and state policymakers. 

Alongside congratulating the President-elect, the group of CEOs also congratulated President Trump for his hard-fought campaign, gathering more than 70 million votes, and says that while the President has the right to seek a recount, they don’t believe it will change the outcome of the election.

“Business Roundtable commends President Trump for a hard-fought campaign that has garnered over 70 million votes. We know the outcome is disappointing to his millions of supporters. While we respect the Trump campaign’s right to seek recounts, to call for investigation of alleged voting irregularities where evidence exists and to exhaust legitimate legal remedies, there is no indication that any of these would change the outcome. 

Despite the statement from the Roundtable, Mr. Cook himself has stayed silent, even more than 24 hours after the first projection was made. Apple under Tim Cook has become more socially active, publicly voicing support for DREAMers and gender/race equality in the workplace. In 2016 following President Trump’s historic win Mr. Cook sent a letter to staff in an internal memo given the toxic environment in which the election was won.

This year, Mr. Cook has thus far stayed silent, despite the fact that Kammal Harris is now projected to be the first female Vice President, and the first person of color to hold the office. It’s very possible we could see Mr. Cook speak out this week, however other tech CEOs such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Facebook executives have publicly come out in support of the President-elect and Vice President-elect.

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