Apple now shipping the iPad Pro with a 20W power adapter, upgraded from 18W

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Some customers receiving the iPad Pro are starting to notice that it ships with a 20W power adapter, instead of an 18W. As pointed out by iPhone in Canada, a recent Reddit thread reveals that come customers are finding the higher watt power adapter in the box with their 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. As one Redditor explains:

Even though Apple’s website says it still only includes a 18 watt wall adapter for the iPad Pros I just received mine yesterday and it included a 20 watt adapter. My guess is they don’t want to update the website as all of the older ones manufactured before last month or so included an 18 watt.

Apple’s website still says the iPad ships with the 18W adapter, and since the 18W and 20W adapters look the same, customers may have not noticed the difference. It remains unclear why Apple is doing this, or whether they’ll confirm the change on its website.

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