Apple shares M1 and Metal “Tech Talks” videos to developers

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Apple has published a 25-minute video covering Metal and the new M1 chip within the developers portal. The video’s primary aim is to demonstrate how developers can tailor their apps with Metal for their new M1 chip for optimum performance as well as uniformity across all of Apple’s devices.

There are also two other freshly published videos covering Web Inspector within the portal, a powerful web development tool which developers can use for iOS, macOS and tvOS devices.

Apple’s “One more thing” event introduced the new M1 to Apple’s MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini, arguably a portion of Apple’s most popular Macs. With a ridiculous increase in battery life, a surge in performance, and less power draw across the line, Developers should be very quick to transition their apps to work with M1 as there is no doubt that demand for this updated Mac lineup will be one of the biggest in Apple’s history.

With Big Sur coming this Thursday to the public and Apple’s first M1 Macs releasing next week, it is pivotal for Developers to make sure they’re ready for the next big thing.

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