Opinion: Apple has degraded the value of “One more thing…”

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Moments ago Apple held its overly hyped “One more thing…” event where it unveiled its first Apple Silicon chip called M1 which Apple says is its faster CPU ever. Alongside the chip reveal itself, Apple also updated its 13-inch MacBook Pro, 13-inch MacBook Air, and a surprise update to the Mac mini.

Overall, it was a great event with production, transitions, and quality nothing short of what people should expect from Apple. But, it was a massive letdown. Apple has used its “One more thing…” tagline in the past to reveal big and bold new product releases. Under Tim Cook, Apple has used it to release the iPhone X, which was the biggest change to iPhone since the original iPhone, and to unveil the Apple Watch, a completely new product.

When media invites were initially sent out for today’s event, Apple’s decision to use its iconic “One more thing…” tagline that late-CEO Steve Jobs pioneered sparked immense hope that Apple would reveal something other than new Macs, which were entirely expected. Apple confirmed itself it will launch new Apple SIlicon Macs by years end at WWDC, so it was nearly a given.

To many in the community, there was this sense that Apple used “One more thing…” as the event’s tagline to announce something completely new and groundbreaking; something no one would have expected, whether the rumored AirTags or AirPods Studio.

Simply put, as a result of today’s below expectations event, Apple has degraded the value of its “One more thing…” tagline. Again, it was a great event with great product updates that many have been hoping for. But it wasn’t worth Apple using its “One more thing…” tagline for, not even close.

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Sami started falling in love with Apple in 2010 with the iPhone 4S. As a registered developer, he deeply admires the world of Apple. Sami is an aspiring journalist, writer, and actor. He also has devoted his life to sharing his passion and knowledge with others around the world.