With the introduction of Apple ARM Macs, the lineup gets even more complicated.

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Steve Jobs was once quoted saying, “Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles”, and this quote is very much the way that he ran Apple, and it is something that has changed under Tim Cook…but has it changed for the better?

When it was Steve Jobs’ Apple, they had 1 iPhone model in that years lineup, 1 iPad, and a few different Mac families, but since his passing, Tim Cook has expanded the product lineup tenfold.

Currently if you head to Apple.com, there are 7 different Mac families, each with several devices within them, as well as 4 different iPad families, 5 iPhone families, and 5 Watch families. That’s not even including all the sizes and finishes available for the Watch. As a consumer who may be looking to purchase your first Apple product, it’s a confusing investment. Let’s look at Watch for example. Within the Watch Series 6 family, there are 2 different sizes, 3 different cases, with multiple finishes per casing, and 6 band categories with countless color choices.

If that looked overwhelming to you, it was intentional. Buying Apple products now bombards the purchaser with options, and some are pretty easy choices like what color do you want, but others are a lot more complicated such as whether or not you want standard glass or Nano-texture glass, how much memory you want, or even what type of ethernet you want.

Fast forward to today where Apple held their “One More Thing” event and the decision only got harder. When Apple stated at WWDC that they were going to transition to ARM Macs over the course of 2 years, that meant that there is going to be a period of time where you can buy both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs, and because this is the first wave of ARM Macs, there’s not many benchmarks or even consumer reviews to go off of for what is right for you.

However, based on what was stated by Apple at their event, as well as the published M1 webpage on Apple.com, there is no comparison between the M1 chip and even the most powerful intel processors. Currently, Apple has released a Mac mini, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro all running their M1 Chip, and they are available for order starting today and will ship next week.

Only time will tell when the new Macs are finally in the hands of consumers and professionals alike how the ARM Macs stand up to Intel performance, but based on how powerful the A14 Bionic is in both the iPhone 12 and iPad Air, it will more than likely exceed expectations. Especially given the fact that you can edit Dolby Vision footage, directly within the stock photos app within iOS and iPadOS.

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