Battery test across the entire iPhone 12 lineup reveals expected results

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The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max will officially arrive to customers on Friday, November 13th. This week media outlets and reviewers released their reviews of the two devices, and overall they seem positive. Reviewers noted that the iPhone 12 Pro Max may be slightly too big for some, while the iPhone 12 mini is the perfect size for those who like the smaller form factor.

Across both devices, the performance was top of the notch, but battery life experiences differed. With the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the majority of the first-hand user said they were able to easily get through a days usage, but the same could be said for the iPhone 12 mini. in terms of actual battery size, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 3,687 mAH battery, smaller than last years iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Despite the smaller battery, Apple is still claiming that users will get all-day battery life on the device thanks to optimization with power efficiency in the A14 chip. The iPhone 12 mini on the other hand has a 2,227 mAH battery, the smallest in the iPhone 12 lineup but is larger than the 2020 iPhone SE.

Of course, these are just numbers and Apple has pioneered being able to make their devices power efficient thanks to their tight software and hardware collaboration, even with physically smaller batteries.

Beyond the numbers, we now have a somewhat realistic idea of how these devices will play out in the real world. YouTuber The Tech Chap ran a battery test across the whole lineup, and the results will not surprise you.

One hour into playing a YouTube video starting at 100%, the iPhone 12 mini had drained the most and was at 87%, compared to 92% for the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. For fun, the test was also carried out alongside the iPhone 11 Pro Max which had lost 10% in an hour.

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The next part of the test consisted of running a graphically intensive game for 1 hour. In this test the iPhone 12 mini lagged behind losing 18% of battery life, the iPhone 12 lost 10%, iPhone 12 Pro lost 9%, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max lost 7%. Interestingly, the iPhone 12 Pro-Ma is still beating the iPhone 11 Pro Max, despite having a smaller battery.

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The remaining tests were running TikTok for an hour straight, which again saw the iPhone 12 mini in the last place, with the iPhone 12 Pro Max leading the pack. The last two biggest tests were 4K video recording, and 90 minutes of gaming resulted in the iPhone 12 mini at 19%, iPhone 12 at 34%, iPhone 12 Pro at 37%, iPhone 12 Pro Max at 43%, and last years iPhone 11 Pro Max at 38%.

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In total, the iPhone 12 mini was last to die at the 6 hours and 53-minute mark, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max lasting a whopping 9 hours and 10 minutes. The iPhone 11 Pro Max despite having a large battery came in 2nd place, proving that Apple’s A14 optimization is truly kicking in.

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