Apple Silicon is “a big deal,” says former CEO

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Intel has a broken heart right now. Yesterday Apple sent Intel an official “We’re breaking up” message with the launch of its first Apple Silicon for the Mac called M1. With this new “M” chip line, Apple is looking to move its entire Mac lineup to its own SOC within the next 2 years, removing its reliance completely on Intel.

Besides the experience and performance gains that Apple Silicon will bring, it’s a strategic move by Apple. Now, Apple will have entire control of all of its hardware, not ignoring the fact that now the iPhone, iPad, and Mac will all run the same architecture, allowing for cross-app functionality and even tighter integration.

We’ve known about Apple SIlicon since WWDC when Apple officially announced it was moving over to its SOC, but now with actual Macs running the chips just days away from being in the hands of customers, its true implications are coming to light. In an interview with Yahoo Finance, former Apple CEO John Sculley which ran the company from 1983 to 1993 says the move is a “big deal”.

In his 10 minute interview, John talks about how Apple SIlicon further enables Apple to go further in regards to services and features it provides, as well as how it will enable Apple to stay one step ahead of the game. You can watch his full interview here.

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