Apple executives talk about M1 Apple Silicon, macOS Big Sur, and touchscreen Macs

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Three of Apple’s top executives, Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering Craig Fedrighi, SVP of Worldwide Marketing Greg Joswiak, and the Head of Hardware Engineering John Ternus spoke to The Inpdednent following Apple’s “One more thing” event to talk about the new announcements.

The interview spotted first by iDownloadBlog goes into depth detail about the new M1 Apple SIlicon chip and its crazy performance. Talking about how Apple worked on the new M1 chip, Fedrighi said that Apple themselves was surprised by the performance.

We overshot/ You have these projects where, sometimes you have a goal and you’re like, ‘well, we got close, that was fine’ This one, part of what has us all just bouncing off the walls here – just smiling – is that as we brought the pieces together, we’re like, ‘this is working better than we even thought it would’. We started getting back our battery life numbers, and we’re like, ‘You’re kidding. I thought we had people that knew how to estimate these things’.

Adding a little more context, head of engineering Ternus said that Apple wanted to continue to build momentum, and truly test how far it could go.

This was just building momentum within the teams who were so passionate and excited about this product that they just wanted to keep pushing, keep optimising: ‘How much better can we make it? How much better we can make it?’”

Speaking about the chip name itself which starts with “M”, Apple’s marketing guru Greg Joswaik says that it made sense for the Mac given it started making chips for the iPhone with “A” for Apple, and “H” for headphones, and so M seemed like the best choice for the Mac.

I think M1 makes a lot of sense for a Mac chip. ’A’ was started for the phone chips at Apple and since then we’ve tried to use letters that make sense: the chips for our headphones use H, you start to feel the trend there. We’re brilliant marketers that way.

Finally, talking about macOS Big Sur, Craig Federighi says that speculation that Apple is turning the Mac into a touchscreen laptop is absurd, and that macOS Big Sur is no indication of that.

I gotta tell you when we released Big Sur, and these articles started coming out saying, ‘Oh my God, look, Apple is preparing for touch’. I was thinking like, ‘Whoa, why?’ We had designed and evolved the look for macOS in a way that felt most comfortable and natural to us, not remotely considering something about touch.

We’re living with iPads, we’re living with phones, our own sense of the aesthetic – the sort of openness and airiness of the interface – the fact that these devices have large retina displays now. All of these things led us to the design for the Mac, that felt to us most comfortable, actually in no way related to touch.

You can read the full interview here.

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