iOS 14.2 users plagued with WiFi issues and inconsistent notification

ios 14.2 wifi and notfication issues rect

Apple released iOS and iPadOS 14.2 last week with an updated design to Now Playing on the lockscreen, Control Center, alongside new emojis and system improvements. Now following its release, users are increasingly reporting issues with Wifi and notifications

A number of posts on the Apple Support Communities points to issues with WiFi connections on iOS 14.2 whether randomly stopping, or not being able to receive a WiFi connection. As one support post explains:

While iPhone 11pro max locks, the WiFi gets disconnected. You will notice this When unlocking only & finds that there was no WiFi connection & have to go to settings menu & select the WiFi to connect again. It does not automatically reconnect. This issue came up recently after IOS update. Today I have updated to IOS 14.2, but the problem persists.

Another point says that the issue on their iPhone SE revolves around the device being able to recognize and detect WiFi signals compared to other devices. The user notes that they even restored to the firmware via iTunes, but the issues continue to persist.

On Twitter, there are even more complaints. One Twitter user says the WiFi connection drops during FaceTime calls, another user says even while connected to a working WiFi, nothing loads. Another user attempted to reset their network settings in hopes to solve the issue, but it resulted in no avail. And another one, and one more, and here. You get the point.

From our experience, we have seen issues on iOS 14.2 on our devices with the WiFi connection randomly dropping while the device is on standby mode. Users are also reporting issues of inconsistent iMessage notifications. One Reddit thread has countless reports of notifications not being sent for new messages on iOS 14.2, and no one seems to have a fix.

These are the two most prominent issues that users are reporting on iOS 14.2, and given the issues, Apple could release an iOS 14.2.1 update sometime next week. Or, it could hold off on fixing the issues until the release of iOS 14.3 which had its first beta released today.

Are you experiencing any issues on iOS/iPadOS 14.2? If you are, send us a message on Twitter @AppleTerminal.

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