{UPDATED} Apple restarts the beta cycle with the first beta of iOS and iPadOS 14.3

iOS 14.3 beta 1 with several Apple iPhones on left


For unknown reasons, Apple has pulled the beta that was previously appearing on the developer site for the 2nd time. It was available for download for developers via IPSW, however is now no longer appearing in the developer portal.

However, Twitter user @KyleMaloy was still able to download the new beta while the update was up on the site and discovered that the new update brings Apple ProRAW to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Additionally, 9to5mac reports that iOS 14.3 will prompt users to download different 3rd party apps during the setup process. Per that report:

While we haven’t seen this new feature in action yet, 9to5Mac was able to find clear evidence in the iOS 14.3 beta code that reveals a new menu in the system setup process that will show suggestions for App Store apps even before the user starts using the device.

This new section of the setup process is not intended to be shown to all users. Instead, the code says that it will be enabled only for some countries based on local laws. “In compliance with regional legal requirements, continue to view available apps to download,” the code says.

AirPods Studio

iOS 14.3 beta also reveals a new icon, presumed to be the upcoming AirPods Studio. Earlier this year, Bloomberg described the forthcoming headphones as “a retro look with oval-shaped ear cups that swivel and a headband connected by thin, metal arms.” An unknown source for 9to5mac also stated that the AirPods Studio will have ear detection similar to regular AirPods.



Also buried within the iOS 14.3 beta is a new pairing video in the Find My app with the codename Hawkeye, as well as it includes the icon for the rumored AirPods Studio. There has been much speculation about the upcoming ‘AirTags‘, and this may be the animation users see when pairing them for the first time.

App Clips

App Clip codes are also now available to be scanned within the latest 14.3 beta. An App Clip is a small part of an app that is designed to perform a smaller function than the full app, so at a coffee shop you could scan the app clip and just see the menu or order portion of their app, without having to download the full app to your device.

Last week Apple released iOS and iPadOS 14.2 to the public, and now the company has restarted its iOS beta cycle with the first developer beta of iOS and iPadOS 14.3.

While it isn’t immediately clear what’s new in this new beta, it will build on new features in iOS 14.2 such as deeper Shazam integration, a redesigned Now Playing section in Control Center, and the lockscreen. Apple released iOS 14 with widgets and a redesigned system experience with App Clips and App Library in September, and according to 3rd party, data adoption has been very well.

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