Apple releases macOS Big Sur with redesigned experience, Control Center, new icons, and so much more…

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UPDATE: Is anything working?

Apple released macOS Big Sur earlier today, and well, it’s not off to a great start. Users are unable to update their Macs, constantly facing errors with downloads and installations. Apple confirmed the issues with macOS server updates on its System Status page, but even though the page reflects the issue as being resolved, users continue to face issues.

Apple Support is not providing any directions on what to do and how to fix the issue, it seems to purely be a waiting game.

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After months of waiting and tons of betas later, Apple has seeded an official release of macOS Big Sur to the public.

The new update brings a fresh redesign to the operating system, the biggest redesign we’ve seen in some time. It brings a fresh set of icons, a brand new control center, “the biggest update” to Safari ever, a massive Messages app update, a redesigned notification center including new widgets, Maps overhaul, and much more!

Apple states that all the stock apps have been redesigned from the ground up, with still a minimalist design but not as flat as its iOS counterpart, giving a unique feel to the desktop operating system. Alongside this change, Apple has also overhauled the look of stock apps to match, with a much cleaner UI design.

The control center redesign is something many will talk about, it brings much more functionality alongside a very clean look. Though, it seems the macOS’s design team has taken cues from its friends over at iOS, with very similar looking controls which look intended for touchscreen displays.

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macOS Big Sur

As with every major update, Apple does provide security notes for Big Sur that outlines security issues and flaws that it has patched in the update. Just the week Apple released 3 new Macs, and according to Apple’s security page, those Macs will ship with macOS Big Sur 11.0 instead of 11.0.1.

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