M1 Apple Silicon proves to be a tough competitor in gaming tests

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Last week following Apple’s reveal of its M1 Apple SIlicon, Geekbench scores showed that the new chip is remarkably fast. So much so it was able to beat out the highest possible end 16-inch MacBook Pro, currently offered with Intel.

Apple will ship its first device with its Silicon next week. More specifically an updated 13-inch MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini. While it’s hard to get a true understanding of how powerful the new chip is until it’s put into the real-world, online testing scores can usually offer a solid idea of where to set expectations.

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Last week’s Geebench results covered the M1’s CPU performance, but now new scores reveal the power of its GPU. Test results on the new Silicon have appeared on GFXBench and it shows the performance of the new chip in a number of low-end, and high-end games.

For the purpose of comparison, the image below shows the AMD 5300M (left) which is the lowest-end GPU currently offered with the 16-inch MacBook Pro compared to the M1 Apple Silicon (right).

On average frames, the M1 also beats the Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z with 13,091 frames at 203.6 frames-per-second, vs. 10,701 frames 166.4 fps.

The M1 chip has integrated graphics that Apple is proudly touting as the “world’s fastest integrated graphics in a personal computer.” The GPU has 8-cores with up to 25,000 threads, which Apple says results in 2x faster GPU performance, while also using 33% of its power.

Unlike its current Intel-based lineups, Macs with Apple Silicon do not support eGPUs, meaning the power delivered on the M1 chip is all that customers are going to get. Again, all of these benchmarks are based on pre-set tests and generic standards. It will require the new Macs to be in the hands of real-world customers before any hard-core judgments can be made about its performance.

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