New bug prevents iPhone 12 models from charging with multi-port adapters

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The new iPhones, although released in October have only recently been getting in the hands of customers. Like with every device, the more customers use it, the more interesting features, and/or issues they may face.

There have been a few reports of issues on the new iPhones, specifically in regards to Wifi and notifications, and random signal dropping, Now, a new issue that is plaguing iPhone 12 users is a bug that prevents the iPhone from charging when using multi-port chargers, as Gizchina reports:

According to reports, when using a multi-port adapter to charge the iPhone 12 Pro Max, if you plug and unplug other devices that are charging at the same time, the iPhone will stop charging.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

In this regard, digital blogger @肥威 said that his own test confirms that this problem does exist. The report claims that as long as you redistribute the power, the iPhone 12 series will disconnect. Although the user reports are specifically for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, it seems to affect the entire series. 

To reiterate, attempting to charge an iPhone 12 Pro Max (although other devices are also reportedly facing the same issue) when using a multi-port adapter will cause the iPhone to stop charging if you plug and unplug other devices at the same time.

Gizchina states that manufacturers of wall adapters are aware of the issue and will tackle them in future releases, so it remains somewhat unclear if this is a bug on Apple’s part or not. There is no remedy if you are currently facing the issue besides using a separate one-port wall adapter, or plugging in and unplugging other devices before plugging in your iPhone.

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